We added 35 lasers, increased the service groups from 2 to 6 and increased everyone’s speed at no cost to you.

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2 comments on “Internet Upgrade

  • Mike Smith says:

    You claim everyone’s speeds have been increased, can you explain to me why my speeds are somewhere around .1-1mbps?
    Also, what are the “lasers” for?

    • jbutler@valp.org says:

      If your having issues with your internet connection, please call and set up a day and time for one of our techs to come check out what is going on at your location. The lasers are used to transport video and data to our nodes and than from our nodes copper to the house. We are in the process of getting one laser per node so as to be able to better balance to bandwidth across the whole system. More lasers easier it is to set up service groups. Service groups equal more efficient use of bandwidth.


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