Cool but not useful

USB Typewriter for Ipad.

Farewell to Jessie

Your talents shared with Valparaiso will be greatly missed. Best of luck in your new endeavors. From your fellow City Hall Employees.

Information is Key

Change Your Passwords!!

This is a very interesting blog about weak password.


Blast from the Past

This is a very cool look at the past and the way computers have come to what we know they are today.

Click HERE for the link.

Don’t Be Fooled

Here is another example of why you should NEVER trust emails asking for personal information

The Washington Post – Security Fix

Social Media Game Player Beware!!

I write this with the notion that VBCS does not endorse any company or product.

I ran across these to blog post this weekend and felt that it was very important to share with you. It is all about how members of social networks that play the “fun games” are being scammed into buy/spending money without really understanding what is going on. If you play these games, please take caution and look for charges on your credit cards and cell phone bills.

Tech Crunch – Social Games: How the big three make millions

The Washington Post – Scamville: The social gaming ecosystem of hell

Helpful Information

Here is a link to a great site that has some handy tips on cleaning up your computer.

What browser are you using?

Follow this link to see what Browser you are using!

What Browser?

What is a Browser 2?